C4M Applications

The C4M is a fully engineered and developed building material that offers a highly competitive alternative for the construction of many types of commercial buildings.

See the following subsections for more detailed information.

Retaining Wall

Lomwest has developed a superior retaining wall system that is stronger, faster and greener than current retaining systems.

Retaining Wall.

Retaining Wall.

Combining the strength of high carbon steel with the anticorrosive properties of rubber, we have achieved a durable and high quality retaining wall system.

More details on the specific benefits of using the Lomwest C4M in retaining wall systems can be found on the Benefits page.

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Blast Wall

Initial defence force blast testing shows a high degree of resistance to penetration and overturning from explosive forces.

EFP projectiles can penetrate 100mm of steel armour at 100meters but were not able to fully penetrate the C4M.

Blast Testing Penetration.

Projectile Penetration.

The product has so much integrity that even after explosive testing the entire block can be lifted with one concrete skin.

Post Blast Testing, Loading.

Lifting the C4M after penetration testing.

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Thermal Housing

Discreet use of C4M in housing.

Thermal Housing Concept.

Typical Section through C4M wall.

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